Got a story you want to bang the world over the head with? We've got our helmets on, bring it. 

Let's go over some mumbo jumbo rules, first. 

1. Make sure your story is well copyedited. Our job should be to read it and see if it's a fit for the site. It's OK to have a few grammar errors--happens to us all--but we'll have to decline the story if the errors are excessive. Re-writing your story isn't what we're here to do--showing off your work, however, is. (Here is a list of 20 Common Grammar Mistakes for your perusal.)

2. If you've submitted to other places, and your story has gotten accepted at any of those other places, please let us know so we can take your submission off the list. All stories must be new material. If you have your submission published somewhere out there, we're super jealous of the outlet, but we can't take it. 

3. If a story is accepted, full copyright to the story stays with the contributor (you). The trade-off is that we have the right to archive it on our site and use it for our year-end "Best of" book. (More on that below.) 

4. Have fun writing. 

Genres and Guidelines

StreetLit proudly publishes original Fiction, Short Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Nonfiction/Memoir, Poetry, Bizarro Fiction, Flash Fiction, 50, and whatever else we've forgotten. 

You retain the rights to your story, but we're allowed to keep it archived on our site. 
At this time, we're a non-paying lit journal. Hopefully, that changes. 
Your story will be eligible for the Best of the StreetLit Anthology we print at the end of the year that you submit. 


Creative Nonfiction -- What is Creative Nonfiction? It's nonfiction using literary styles and creative techniques to tell your story.  3,500-word limit. (Example: One of our staff wrote about a bad night in New York in the form of a screenplay.)

Nonfiction/Memoir -- A short essay emulating a life experience, event, or person. 3,500 words max. 

Short Fiction -- Anything goes, but keep it to 1,500 words. (Or else.)

Poetry -- Please keep it to a page length with readable font (none of that cursive shit). We also accept visual poetry in JPEG, TIFF, PNG, in PDF form.

Fiction -- Any genre out there* that we would love to read. Let your mind run wild and send us the result. (If it doesn't fit in any of the categories mentioned here: 2,000 words max.)

Bizarro Fiction -- Here's where we will put batshit-crazy stories. (Example: One of our staff is working on a story about a balding man obsessed with Coolio, so he collects lint from his navel. Years later, he superglues the lint in pipe cleaner hair on his head to look like Coolio.)

Flash Fiction --  Keep it to 300-700 words. 

50 -- A story written in 50 words. It's challenging, but has be done. Here's a site dedicated to 50-word stories to give you an idea

Satire/Humor -- This, we love. 2,000 words max. 

Prose We've Missed -- If there's a genre of writing you like to do and we missed it here, email us to check, and let us know where you believe it'll fit.

*Note: The only kind of fiction we will not accept is Fan Fiction. Sorry. 

Here's how to submit to StreetLit: Click on the envelope below. In the subject line, let us know the genre you're submitting to and the name of your story. Please attach your submission in the email as a Word, PDF, or Pages document. In the body of the email, please add a bio no longer than 2-3 sentences. (Add where readers can find your other work!)

Please allow a few weeks, possibly a few months, to hear back -- we already have a bulky stack of submissions and want to read and take careful consideration for each story. This is just a baby gangster, so we're slugs aiming to become panthers. 

Note: If your work doesn't get accepted by us here at StreetLit, it doesn't mean it's bad. It just means it's not for us. Keep submitting, don't give up. Write your heart out. 

-- Chase Whale

To submit, click HERE or on the red envelope.