Chase Whale - Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Chase Whale is a graduate of the University of North Texas' Creative Writing B.A. program. He's a film critic and crime fiction writer, and you can find his work on Out of the Gutter, ScreenAnarchy, Indiewire, MTV, Flaunt Magazine, and other places. More on

Emily Cornell - Managing Editor
Emily Cornell has a B.A. in English from the University of North Texas. In her free time she takes naps with her cat. Her work can be seen in the North Texas Review and at

Leta Rebecca Cunningham - Nonfiction Editor
Leta Rebecca Cunningham, an essayist and poet, is currently completing her last semester as a creative writing student at the University of North Texas. Her essay My Mother's Bread has been awarded 1st place at both the UNT Scholar's Day Conference and the Mayborn Creative Nonfiction Conference. You can find her other work in Ten Spurs Journal of Nonfiction and Literary Mama, as well as on her travel blog, You can be assured that all her work is done while she lays in bed with her dog and eats dark chocolate.

Bina Perino - Book Reviews/Interviews/Copy-Editor
Bina Perino is a student at the University of North Texas finishing a B.A. in Integrative Studies, studying areas such as English, Journalism, and Public Affairs and Community Service. She's the founder and president of a humanitarian student organization called Unity for Humanity. She's currently interning as a copy-editor and reporter for The Dentonite and some of her work can be found on

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