My Demon, John
by Kelsey Cooley

Last night, I saw a man in my room.
He was waiting at the door—
I saw him wave at me.
I waved back.

I stared at him until my eyes were covered in spots. When I blinked them away,
             he was gone, and in my dreams, I saw him again. He said his name was John.

We went walking in the dark—creeping through the fog
            when we happened upon a tree, whose sap was black as tar.
I began to climb until John told me when I reached the top,
             I would see my death and that I must pay with my soul.
He hoisted me up to the top, where I saw a bullet enter my skull—and just like that,
            I fell back into bed, and there was good ole John, holding a gun up to my head.  

Kelsey Cooley is a student pursuing a degree in Creative Writing at the University of North Texas. She is a short-story author and poet. Her work has appeared in OTV Magazine, Heroin Chic, and The Immix.


DAY #038

DAY #038
By Emily Cornell

Sometimes I forget
the things I used to do alone. My arm
has grown useless; my hand’s, gnarled–
gripping my pen to the page
has become a burdensome task. But, yet,
each day

I regain feeling.

Emily Cornell has a BA in English from the University of North Texas. In her free time she takes naps with her cat. Her work can be seen in the North Texas Review and at