Opening a Narcissist
By Jennie Ketcham

Partygoers anticipated his arrival, wanted to revel in his seductive British charm. 

He swilled non-alcoholic eggnog while working the crowd, avowing Europeans’ superiority, café society, single-payer healthcare.

“Isn’t the U.K. a hybrid?” I asked. He turned his back to me.

“Thankless bitch,” he seethed. “I made her.” 

The initial fissure. 

Jennie Ketcham is an author, a medical social worker and mindfulness practitioner, and a retired pornographic film actress. She has appeared on a variety of television shows, from Oprah and The View to Headline News with Dr. Drew. Her memoir, “I am Jennie” is available in hardcover and paperback, and she fully supports healthy life changes that blossom out of self-reflection and secret sharing.