There are quite a few lit journals out there, so what's the point in adding to the pile? The hard truth is it's my party and I'll cry if I want to. The real answer is we want this site to give its writers complete creative control of their stories. Most lit journals stick to themes and we are so hungry, we want it all -- poetry; deranged, crime fiction; bizarro fiction (watch any David Cronenberg film or read any Shirley Jackson to get this idea); creative nonfiction; and every possible fiction genre and sub-genre out there. The sky's the limit, as they say. 

While what you submit may not get accepted on StreetLit, \ that doesn't mean it's a bad piece of prose. I have enough rejection letters to build a house; rejection comes with the territory. Just write your fucking heart out and have fun. (And submit. Do that, too.)

-- Chase Whale (Owner/Editor-in-Chief) 
Chase Whale is a graduate of the University of North Texas' Creative Writing B.A. program. He's a film critic and crime fiction writer, and you can find his work on Out of the Gutter, ScreenAnarchy, Indiewire, MTV, Flaunt Magazine, and other places. More on http://www.chasewhale.com.